It is no secret that in an IT firm CEO’s do most of the business development. Their vision drives the company and their marketing brings the money. This is not a sustainable modal. Of-cause when you are a small company there is no option. Even in my company I know me being a CEO have to absorb lot of PRESSURE and it forces me to deviate on the brilliant things I can do. But cannot neglect the need of marketing !!.

In this series we are looking “How to Create a Brilliant IT Marketer “. Amazing tricks and tips exposed to make the Lankan IT Marketer powerful.

CEO's Marketing Secrets !

CEO's Marketing Secrets !

So, do I need to be Technical to bring IT Projects ?

Well its a Yes and a NO. More importantly its about knowing “ WHATS POSSIBLE !! “. I have been fortunate to be technical enough to understand the possibilities and Sales Brain big enough to promise things that are doable. Trick behind you being effective with less Dev knowledge would be accessibility to resources and experience you have from similar projects.

How valuable is this “Business Development” Position ?

You need to know in any firm, the people who bring business to the company is the most valuable to the company. Not underestimating the developers, but high performance marketer like you – with a strong network can be the best paid. It is also not a skill or position you can master very quickly. But I did it, so can you !

If you are Sri Lankan, you might ask me what is the Perfect Degree to study ?

If you dream of being a business development head of an IT firm and need to fast track your achievement I would recomend the following degrees to study.

  • Computing and Information Systems – Bsc. ( University of London external ) – IIT or RI
    • I could recommend this because I studied it. Honestly the degree sucks (old syllabus). But interesting part of it is that it has the correct combination of software engineering and management side. I would say good amount of software engineering basics were there where I got the foundation correctly. When you have the foundation of IT architecture everything is pretty simple to understand.
  • IS Management Degree in NIBM
    • Well , again I recommend this with the experience I have with my employees. Only problem in NIBM is even though the degree is actually about management the culture of the environment is set to see students do lot of coding. So naturally the target of a NIBM student is to become a coder. Which is why they fail in the industry but ideal to a business development position with the correct attitude. I can guarantee that NIBM fellows are really hard working :)
  • ISBM – IIT ( Informatics Institute of Technology )
    • IIT culture is perfect environment for business heads. Its so free thinking and not forced like RI, APPIT, SLIIT or NIBM. I have been a naturally nerdy student. But in IIT I had no opportunity to be nerdy as none of them are studious. They are freethinking and entrepreneurs like us get the environment to think free miracles happen ;)

 5 Things You need to Self Study

  1. Learn about leading CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS. – Joomla , WordPress , Sharepoint , Drupal
    • It is very important to learn about these because these are what the industry use/reuse most of the time. Great thing about these are knowing them and having used them – you actually can predict what flow it will be in a unique CMS. Keep in mind many of your clients might have been blogging or operating joomla sites personally. They are proud of it. So if your commercial web application can also be easy and similar like them, you have a sale ;)
  2. Learn about the TASTE. – preferably US taste
    • Once my earlier boss asked me, Niro – how come you have trained your designing team to do great designs that US/UK clients like and admire ? and even having great money I can’t train them (lankan office) and have to hire US firms to design UI ! I have a very simple trick. I read lot of Designing Magazines and have a very good memory of nice elements. When we do a new interface we copy them EXACT !! Gradually it comes in to blood, so now my designers won’t even look at them they now know what I need ;)
  3. Learn not to RE-INVENT – googling also an art
    • I would admire a person doing genuine work but I hate a person who do not re-search. Keep in mind many of the systems what clients need in the outsourcing market is already done. So if you are cunning enough – You could buy the app for $50 and sell it to $2000 while saving 30 man days. ;) Of-cause a CEO like me will be impressed :) – No hard feelings but this is business.
  4. Learn not to TRUST (but pretend you do)
    • When you bring sales the first rivalry comes from inside your development team. If you ask your developers to do a “Ticketing System” (example) they would always say , its very hard – we need the exact specifications .. bla bla.. ;) we are worried of bringing the sale and they are worried about doing it. Well if you trust them and not bring that sale, dam.. your company is going to be the same for ever. I always trust myself – so if I think this is doable and specially if there is an existing system. It is enough for me to go forward.
  5. Learn TEAM WORK
    • Keep in mind your clients and doing good business with them will give you more referrals. This is a key to growth of a network. So always make sure you are a Team Player and even its not your duty be with the team when they are hard at work on development. You are actually doing a favor to yourself making sure the project succeed. Don’t be the idiotic marketer who brings the sale and take all the CREDITS ;)

I think now you know what I am up to, in the next few posts I would like to build a course where you get trained to bring IT marketing effectively. This is awesome stuff :)