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  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Media Buying
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Ecommerce & Lead Generation
  • Conversion Optimization

Email Marketing

  • Strategizing for Profitability
  • E-mail List subscription option
  • E-mail list management and hosting
  • Creation of E-mail templates
  • Higher deliverability rates

Testimonials :

"Its amazing how you made our dead eNews in to the most important maketing tool of Thanks so much."
- Mario Gooneratne (Lifestyle)

Online Advertising

  • Multilingual Advertising
  • Effective Keyword Research
  • Geo-targeted advertising
  • Campaign reports with expert analysis
  • Campaign management on a daily / weekly basis

Testimonials :

"Your teams optimization tac-tics are awesome. What I love is your capability to think eMK and Dev at ones."
- Nirosha (Archmage)

Search Engine Optimization

  • Planning SEO Strategy
  • Onsite & Off-site Optimization
  • Highee Return on Investment (ROI)

Testimonials :

"You guys made me belive on Organic Traffic. Till then traffic meant spending money to me. Thanks so much !"
- Chinthaka (PrintIt)

Internet Marketing Consultancy

Our e-Marketing consulting services will take care of your overall Internet marketing strategy. Our experts will work with you in creating strategic Internet marketing plans and formulating Internet marketing strategies.

  • Identifying target markets, segments and strategy formulation
  • In-depth website Analysis (current search engine rankings, link popularity, Title / Meta tags, indexed pages, traffic, site theme and more) and recommendations to improve your web presence.
  • Help you to find the best domain name for your business and implementing a search engine friendly domain name.
  • Installation of performance monitoring applications to monitor website traffic & conversion tracking.
  • Working with your web development company to create a search engine and user friendly website.

Package Offers

Online Test Run
  • Don't Risk Big bucks at Ones
  • Apply Strategies and Test Small
  • Expand the Learnings
Online Marketing Team (Monthly)
  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Website Optimization
Business Development Team (Monthly)
  • Website Development
  • Online / Offline Marketing
  • Increase Revenue Generation

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