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eBusiness.lk is the Best Way to Get Work Done !!

eBusiness.lk is unique Business Development and IT Servicers hub in Sri lanka offering a range of solutions to meet the business needs of our clients, involved in developing or delivering complex Business Models, programmes or projects.

Our offshore development centers consists of dedicated pool of software professionals who form a virtual extension of the client's team. Offshore development center offers the best of both worlds—the benefits of one's own team, but without the difficulties of managing it. In addition, offshore development centers enable clients to scale up their teams, in terms of numbers or skill sets.

Your Own Virtual IT Team

Resource available in PHP, ASP.NET, Flex, Flash, Graphic Design, Web Design, Cold Fusion, SEO

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WebMaster for Hire

Do you like us to deal with boring tasks like maintaining sites, etc.. while you focus on making the Big Bucks?

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