At Archmage we push our selves to do awesome online products. TheaterSolutions launched their first successful implementation with (largest cinema chain in Sri lanka) and was a huge success. Not only us, in Sri Lanka many do try their own online innovation – but unfortunately majority do fail.

Perhaps the strategy we used could be a pathway to succeed in this tightly coupled internet market. Lets discuss more.

Partner with a Business Consultation Team

In this blog post I want to thank who have been one of my mentors when it comes to business deals. They are incredible yet as any other middle man you will have to divide your share.

My first tip for you would be not to be too stingy. If a project is open and client can be approached by a known party – its always appreciated. Trust is a critical part in Sri Lankan deals and believe me you will be lost unless you approach with a connection.

Pitch the Idea with Stats

How good your connection is, if you are lazy with the project idea – its not easy to convince a CEO. As soon as the pre-sale was secured, I stepped up with the most creative and innovative proposal. Expensive budget but tremendous sales pitch.

Its a IT POOL in Sri Lanka. There will be many free lancers who would do such project for a cheaper price. Even newly formed companies do undercut to build profiles. Do not worry !! Combination of Trust Connection + Excellent Sales Pitch + Visual Representation of Project will push you through.

Again its highly critical you present something Visual to your client. In Sri Lanka clients have less experience in online products and have less ability to visualize an end. Best way to show them the wonderland would be to do few quick mocks before any other !! ;)

Not a Lump Sum – Focus on Revenue Sharing

Pitch your client with a project idea of sharing the revenue you generate with the new system. Software is expensive and Lump Sum is always the problem for a client. As off we have a percentage from every ticket that is sold by the system. More sales mean more revenue for both parties.

Advantages of a revenue sharing modal are,

  • Less risk for the client.
  • More opportunity for the Provider as any revenue share agreement will give opportunity to extend the system to new avenues.
  • More profitable to the Provider thinking long term.
  • Great way to win a project.
  • Excellent way to stick your client for a longer period. ;)

Tap the Cash Cow

I always believe Sri lankan is the best place to test a system. But your cash cow would be in a foreign soil. If you have a great system performing and well tested. Its always easy to find similar implementations outside Sri lanka. I’m a big believer in this concept, you do need to tap the market outside SL to earn big money :)

Don’t Let it DIE !!

Any product has to evolve. Only in the LIVE environment you will understand the exact optimization points and enhancements the system need to bring more sales. So do not stick with the original requirements – innovate more and make it evolve.

If we did it you can do it too !! Following are some stats we achieved launching I’m Sure this will mortivate you seeing a real statistics of Sri Lankan online sales trend.

  • Days from launch – 20 days (to today)
  • Online Sales - ~15000 tickets ( LKR 5.5 Million )
  • Daily Sales – LKR 300,000 +
  • Users Registered to Site – 34,000

Let me end this post with a WOW !! Show me your ideas, I would help you to innovate and earn such ..