Online Innovation In Sri Lanka –

  At Archmage we push our selves to do awesome online products. TheaterSolutions launched their first successful implementation with (largest cinema chain in Sri lanka) and was a huge success. Not only us, in Sri Lanka many do try their own online innovation – but unfortunately majority do fail. Perhaps the strategy we used [...]

Breaking CEO’s CODE – Do you need to be Technical ?

It is no secret that in an IT firm CEO’s do most of the business development. Their vision drives the company and their marketing brings the money. This is not a sustainable modal. Of-cause when you are a small company there is no option. Even in my company I know me being a CEO have [...]

Invest Online & ROI – Rotary Presentation by AM

We had the opportunity to address Rotary Club of Mid Town and its members as the Guest Speaker on wednesday. I wanted to speak about our company and encourage the rich members to invest online. I would like to share you the presentation I shared with them,


Can Sri Lankan Ceramic Industry WIN with e-Business ?

Sri lanka clearly going down in sales on Porcelain/Ceramic market. But I feel the industry can boost its sales through Online Marketing. Of-cause this will be valuable information for number of CEO’s in Sri Lanka who are pioneers in this industry – let me hand hold you !!

PostCard – Marketing in Sri Lanka

Using Promotional Post Cards as an marketing tool is rarely used in Sri Lanka. However I think it is one of the most cost effective and highly productive marketing tool that can be used by small businesses in Sri lanka.

Your Uncle Got So Happy When you were Born :)

Its my brothers (Nilaksha Kodituwakku) first son. I feel so happy to see the first photos of my Nephew. Wish I could hold you in my arms and give you a big kiss. We will come to see you soon – you looks so cute son . Your Grandpa and Uncle (Niro) sending a big [...]

Incredible FB APP – for Local Fashion Brand seeks to increase Client Base

Local fashion brands seek to increase client base by using Facebook applications. But usual contests won’t really work. Therefor we wanted something that is working well. Basically a new concept. Something that can be used as a tool to carry out various sales promotions using the same marketing method. The Concept : The general idea is to offer [...]

Why you need a Mobile-Friendly Website ?

Is your website a friend or foe on mobile phones? Get a confidential report and find out.

A “Horny” BOT talked with me !

Automated IM (Intent Messaging Bots) BOTS are an excellent way of spamming people. Even though I’m totally against it, I have fun when I meet one. Yahoo Messenger is renowned to be attacked by them.

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Merry X’mas to all of our Readers !!

It’s celebrations time !!  We are going to have a Roasted Chicken to celebrate !! Merry Christmas Every body.. Join me to cook the dinner..

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